Busy like a bee! (Part 1 / 3)

Hello and again, we are HNAD Studio! Hahahahhaha!

Yep. Just like the title, we are very busy for the time being! And for that, we are really really sorry for letting you guys waiting for the new post! (people waiting for our post? sure?? very confident eh, hahahahah!). We've been to north, south, east, west of Malaysia for recce, covering events, holiday looking for new prospects and opportunities, and so on. Whew! So many things to share with you, and let us make it as simple as it can . Here we go! 

1. October - December :


This is outdoor session for a couple, which they like the idea of, having outdoor wedding photoshoot at Broga Hill, outskirt of Kuala Lumpur (actually, it's quite far.. hahahah!) But, the scenery was stunning yaw! Unfortunately, it was raining... the rest, just look at the pics below, easier for you to understand! =)

1. " No Mercy " - either you care so much about your gear, or you get no picture at all. Hahahaha!
2. This is Khairy's foot. It's just the tip of the iceberg yaw!
3. "Rrrrr!!!! Rrrraargghhh!!!!! Hadi, Azhar, I'm mimicking the bear searching for food, is it ok??" - Said Hamizan. D'uh...
4. "Do you see that? It would be better if you recce there rather than be a bear." - why so serious????? 
5. Yep, now everything was like this, no more nice "lalang". then? (hamizan sulking for a while)
6. "Why Wida? " , "Hahahaha! He's like panda eating those leaves!" - Said Wida after saw Mizan sat behind.
7. " Today, this hand bokeh, made from 'bunga lalang', as Martha Stewart said, 'use the flower from your surroundings'. " - But hey, Martha didn't said anything about facial thing aite?! HAHAHAA!!! 
8. Nanny McPhee? D'uh!!!! Get your hair first-lah bro!!! HAHAHAHAHAA!!!
9. "Both of you, pose like this aaa?? heee..." - No matter how many times Hadi and Azhar show this kind of thing, I mean, pose, it still look awkward. Hahahahhaah!! (refer pic 1 below for this pose)
10. Luckily, they have no problems with all that mess! =)
11. Hamizan in action. (refer pic 2 below for this pose)
12. "What are you laughing at Wida?" , "I can't stand, Hamizan are really like the panda, cute!"
13. Aaaa..... what a cub!!!
14. Hadi take a shot from the ladder (refer pic 3 below for this pose)
15. Teamwork...teamwork... yeah, backpain after this....
16. "What's up Ayie?" , "Panas-lah bro!"
17. Azhar helping Hadi for this shot, otherwise, there's no picture. hehehehe... (refer pic 4 below for this pose)
18. Ayie + Wida's shoes. It's not jungle trekking yaw! =P
Yep. That was behind the scene for the outdoor session. It was a great experience! What we've imagined before didn't came out smoothly, but alhamdulillah, we managed to get shots. Below are the pics from the photoshoot =) :

Khairy + Wida : Picture 1 (from pic 9 above)
Khairy + Wida : Picture 2  (from pic 11 above)
Khairy + Wida : Picture 3 (from pic 14 above)
Khairy + Wida : Picture 4 (from pic 17 above)
For this session, we want to thank Affendy Sudin for joining us! Thank you to Khairy and Wida for giving us endless co-op through the session! =)


A Team for Photoshoot Muslimah event organized by Sarah Hata. SARA consist of HNAD Studio (Photographer), Mie Linda of Butik Andaman Mie Linda (Make-Up Artist) and Sarah Amin (Model).

The Team :

1. HNAD Studio (The Photographer)
Clockwise : Hadi Nor, Zool Kareem, Azhar Dahalan, and Hamizan Hamdan. 
2. Butik Andaman Mie Linda (The Make-Up Artist)
Mie Linda, The Make-up Artist! 
3. Sarah Amin (The Model)
Sarah Amin, The Model a.k.a The Garang One! Rrrrroarr!!!! =P
And here's the images of the competition!
Close-Up Look.
Final Image.

But we didn't win. Hehehehehe! Anyway, we never failed, we've gained tonnes of new experience!!! The dress was made from papers and thin dress as the inner skin, and the painstaking process... hahahaha! Making new friends, meet-up few business partners, I think we win more than we have imagined! =)


"A Drop of Golden Sun" series are one of HNAD Studio programme to help new talents improving their portfolios and, to keep us practicing compositions, interactions, making decisions, and so forth. For your informations, you can't stop practicing, otherwise, you'll get slower and slower from time to time . 
Here's the pictures =) :

Talent : Zaza Iza
Location : Taman Botani, Putrajaya
Date : 30 December 2010
Note : Thanks to Zaza for cheering up the session!!!

Talent : Kelly Tan
Location : Taman Metropolitan, Kepong
Date : 3 January 2011
Note : Thanks to Chi Hoe Ming for the session arrangements!=)


Talent : Nisa Mustaffa
Location : Putrajaya
Date : 9 January 2011
Note : Credit to Ramdhan Hasan for assisting and involvement!

Talent : Nabilla Irma Kavoossi
Location : Taman Tasik Titiwangsa
Date : 17 January 2011
Note : Make- Up by Afra MakeUp


Okay, for the time being, that's all friends! No worries, it just part 1. We'll updating as soon as we can, after this, weddings =) . Yep, also, with additional of side projects, outing, and everything that we think, can contribute and share with you.

If you have anything to know, just drop us your questions, queries, suggestions, anything! We are open as long it will make you happy! =D Okay then, see you again after this!

Salam and Regards,
HNAD | closer than others